Meet the Maker Angela Infantino
Meet style influencer, dog-lover, and female founder Angela Infantino and her adopted Great Dane x Labrador, Molly. When Molly arrived in Angela’s life, finding quality dog beds and collars were virtually impossible. So, rescue dog Molly became Angela's inspiration for launching designer pet accessories.
7 Top Tips For Ordering The Right Wall Art Online

Give Your Home a Refresh with Artwork from a Local Australian Artist. Wall art is a great way to elevate a room, pull a space together and create a unique feeling that you and visiting friends will appreciate. Making the right selection can be daunting. Let our 7 top tips be your guide.

5 Best Australian Gourmet Brands to Discover in Lockdown
Try our ultimate lockdown menu designed to keep hungry, thirsty Aussies like us inspired and well nurtured with gourmet Australian made food and beverages.
Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

Father’s Day is a great occasion to treat your dad and make him feel special. Our curated gift ideas are here to provide inspiration and help you choose a memorable gift this year. When is Australian Father's Day? This year, it's Sunday 5 September, 2021. 

NAIDOC Week 2021

NAIDOC Week 2021 runs 4-11 July. NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities but by Australians from all walks of life. 

3 Steps To Beautiful Lips

How to overcome dry, cracked lips this winter and whenever you need some TLC.
1: Prep your lips with a lip scrub.
2: Moisturise your lips with lip balm.
3: Colour your lips with lipstick.
Find out how and the best Australian made beauty products to try...

Demand for Australian-made products increased in 2020
Australian-made products are surging in popularity. The latest consumer research data from Roy Morgan shows the preference for Australian-made goods increased 6% in 2020, over the previous year. Research also shows more Australians are choosing to shop locally, supporting local online retailers and manufacturers.
Why Are Non-Alcoholic Spirits Trending?

Non-alcoholic spirits unquestionably offer a healthier alternative to their alcoholic counterparts. Zero alcohol (0% ABV). Low in calories. Hangover-free drinks. Great if you're conscious about your health and wellbeing, Discover Aussie made brands & alcohol-free cocktail recipes to try....

Why Shop Australian Made Brands?

Choosing a product made in Australia over something from another country has a ripple effect that flows far beyond the joy you get from the things you purchase.
…that ripple effect is felt right across our local communities.

Why Shopping Australian Made Products Makes a Difference
Aussies know that supporting local businesses has a positive knock-on effect for the economy in regional, rural and metro areas. In fact, it is the most compelling reason for choosing Australian Made whenever you can.
Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts for 2021
Australian Made Gifts. To help you find that perfect something, we've curated our Top 10 Mother's Day gift ideas - all winners, all fabulous, and all Australian made. We also have a Mother's Day Gift Guide to help you choose mother's day presents suitable to mothers of different personalities everywhere.
Interview with Melissa Italiano
Meet the gorgeous Melissa Italiano, creator, and founder of MELIS natural perfumes. Her range of clean perfumes have each been created with intention and to imbue the wearer to discover more of themselves. Her passion for scent is intoxicating.
Interview with Emily Rohr

Meet the fabulous Emily Rohr, creator, and founder of Rohr Remedy natural skincare. Her knowledge of Australian native skincare ingredients is unmatched, and is reflected in her high-potency, clean beauty range. And her passion for supporting local growers, manufacturers and businesses is inspiring.   

Tracking Down Australian Made Products Online

"Over countless hours of researching online, with scores of tabs open on hard-working laptops, a picture soon emerged. 'We were just going mad looking for Australian-made products, and the more we looked into it, there was no one place you could go to find and purchase them.'”

Supporting Australian Retailers – It’s Never Been Easier
Remarkable Humans Australian-Owned marketplace was the first to curate the best of Australian Made products. Just like a beautiful virtual Department Store, we stock every aisle full of quality, pioneering and emerging Australian brands and make it easy to shop in one place.
Buy Australian Made Products From The Comfort Of Your Own Home
Changing Aussie Shopping Habits At Remarkable Humans, we are passionate about supporting Australian businesses, local producers, and manufacturers—and believe there has never been a more important year to have them top of mind. As a newcomer to online retail in...
What Does Australian Made Mean
Maybe you’ve been hearing all the buzz about buying Australian Made lately...Yet despite the increased conversation, it may come as a surprise that many of us are unsure what “Australian Made” actually means...Australian Made, aka made in Australia, is a Country of Origin declaration that means a product underwent its last ‘substantial transformation’ in Australia...
Our Story Eliza & Jemma
Hi, we’re Eliza and Jemma We were both impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Eliza lost new work opportunities and Jemma lost her job. So we decided to join forces and do something to make a difference. Based in Sydney and...